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Do your bands fit my Apple Watch Series #...?

Our bands are compatible with every Apple Watch from Series 1-6 and SE.

I have the 38-mm (42-mm) Apple Watch. Which size do I pick?

In 2018, Apple increased the screen size of their 38-mm watch to 40-mm and the 42-mm watch to 44-mm. However the band connector remained identical. Therefore:

Have the 38-mm watch? Buy the 40-mm band.

Have the 42-mm watch? Buy the 42-mm band.

Which Apple Watch do I have?

If you're unsure of what size you have, simply take a look at the back of your Apple Watch. In small text your watch will read:

Apple Watch  Series #  ##mm Aluminium & Ceramic Case • Ion-X Glass • GPS •

Where do you ship from?

Brendale, Brisbane, 4500.